DXF works with clients to create first class animation and complex visual effects for all mediums.  We work across all stages of a project from conception and storyboarding to art direction, motion graphics and animation.  Animation can help to bring a product, building, landscape or company mascot to life.

Different uses of animation include the following:

Character design, Modelling & Animation

DXF can help you develop a unique character or mascot for your company, which can be used for all print mediums.  This character can then be animated for web, video, commercials and even carried through to your events.

Our degree in advanced character animation allows us to offer our clients the best possible quality when it comes to characters.  Having gained experience from some of the best animators in the industry.

Rendering or a Virtual Fly-through

A rendering is a static image of a product or place.  DXF can generate high quality renderings with different angles to fit your need or project.  Once this object or place is rendered, angle, colour etc. can easily be adjusted thereafter.  We can then rotate the object or create a fly-through for you.  A fly-through can be utilised for any architectural rendering, display/exhibition stand etc. 

Medical Industry

With the help of graphics and animation, any medical process or tool can easily be shown and understood.  This has included titanium implants for the dentistry field or even animated commercials for Sinumax.

Motor Industry

This has included anything from tyre treads for Leadertread to various vehicle renderings.

Mining Industry

This has included anything from safety videos, mine renderings to an underground mining tour for Gold Reef City.