Cullinan approached DXF to create digital Origami birds for there new Print and TV campaign… initial challenges right off the bat was going to have hundreds if not thousands of birds flying around to form words and letters, first thing we needed to do was work out a system to drive a single bird to a goal target and land for an ex amount of time, then fly off out of frame, this seemed like a simple task but took days to find the right solution.

We tested Golaem first, a popular crowd system for out platform, after doing tests we found this wasn’t the right solution at the time… then we moved onto standard particle testing and found this wasn’t the right direction, so finally we tested miarmy, this really helped us create what we were after… so once we got one bird flying around and landing etc… the next challenge was to create thousands of the little buggers to do the same.


While working on the bird system, we placed birds by hand to shape all the letters in the alphabet, so the retoucher could start creating the words need for the print ads.


After nailing down the animation and getting everything ready for the rendering process, we decided to go with redshift renderer, not only is this one of the fastest render engines on the planet it’s well integrated into our main 3d platform, along with the crowd system.


Finally rendering thousands of birds for the 30second TVC, 5x 10sec Stings and Loftus Tv screens.


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