Project Description


Concept sketch for the “Aquartz Water World”

Water sample

First step was to create a sample for our client to prove that we had the skills to tackle the mammoth project on “Aquartz Water World”

Model Shoot

Next step was to photograph the models in studio, two day shoot to work out positions lighting etc…


Time to start working out a 3d system to create the digital elements, we tried many liquid system’s and found the right solution that worked well all round

model 3d position

Digital 3d puppet to extract reflections and refractions in 3d rendered elements


First rough render of the Balloon render to start getting a look and feel for the final campaign

horse base

We created a base mesh for the horse and got the gallop approved before sculpting the muscles and tissue in water


The final digital sculpture before meshing and displacement mapping for more detail

sketch render

Final planning of scene to get approved


First render WIP of digital water horse


Building more elements and finalizing horse mesh for final rendering and comping

Water Horse

Final Render of Aqaurtz Water Horse

Final Billboard

Final Render of Aqaurtz balloon printed on Billboard